Sunday, 8 August 2021

Heineken (Rotterdam) hops in 1942

I almost forgot this one. The last little snippet about Heineken's beers in WW II. It's pretty short and shouldn't take up too much of your time. This should be it for a while. At least until they get those other records from the pilot brewery digitised. Then the whole sorry exercise will kick off again.

The hops employed, as far as I can tell, were all German. Which makes a lot of sense. Germany had a large area dedicated to hops. And Heineken was hardly likely to buy hops from the USA.

The hops were starting to get older, all being from the 1940 harvest. As they had been in 1941. The vast majority were a single type of Hallertau. Most of the beers containing no other type. The one exception being the stronger version of Pils, which had three in total.

Heineken (Rotterdam) hops in 1942
Date Beer Style hop 1 hop 2 hop 3
26th Jun Li Licht Lagerbier Kr Hallertau 1940    
26th Jun Beiersche Münchener Kr Hallertau 1940    
29th Jun Do Donker Lagerbier Kr Hallertau 1940    
28th Jun P dun Pils Kr Hallertau 1940    
1st Jul P Pils Kr Hallertau 1940 Breitsch 1940 L. R 1940
Heineken brewing record held at the Amsterdamse Stadsarchief, document number 834 - 1760.


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