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William Younger DBS Btlg adjuncts 1939 - 1944

No surprise that there’s far more variation in the adjuncts employed. As this was an area where the government decided what brewers were allowed to use. Based on which ingredients were available.

Pre-war, it had been grits all the way for William Younger. The biggest shock is that they were still finding some as late as March 1942. Brewers using flaked barley needed to find alternatives already in 1940. Not sure why there should still have been supplies of grits a couple of years later unless Younger had stockpiled them, anticipating the outbreak of war.

This being a Stout, there was one other adjunct in peacetime: roast barley. Though it was used in combination with black malt pre-war. Something which was very unusual in the UK, Brewers normally used either one of the other, not both. The percentage of roast barley increased during the warm, presumably to compensate for the dropping of black malt and a reduction in the amount of caramel.

Mostly, Younger’s adjunct usage follows the standard path, but with a few deviations. With the first maize replacement being flaked rice, followed by unmalted barley. But while most brewers went for flaked, Younger preferred, at least initially, ground barley. The government was OK with this as it used even less energy to produce than flakes.

After the mandated weirdness of flaked rye and flaked oats, by late 1943 Younger had settles in the standard late-war and immediate post-war adjunct: flaked barley.

William Younger DBS Btlg adjuncts 1939 - 1944
Date Year OG grits flaked rice roast barley flaked barley ground barley flaked rye flaked oat
14th Nov 1939 1066 37.11%   3.09%        
11th Oct 1940 1061 12.50% 21.88% 6.25%        
27th Aug 1941 1060 12.37% 18.56% 9.28%        
4th Mar 1942 1056 13.19%   9.89%   13.19%    
31st Mar 1942 1053     10.23%   13.64%    
5th May 1942 1051 14.29%   10.71%   14.29%    
27th Jan 1943 1053     10.11%     13.48%  
2nd Nov 1943 1053     10.11% 10.11%     10.11%
9th Nov 1943 1053     10.11% 20.22%      
18th May 1944 1051     10.11% 20.22%      
William Younger brewing records held at the Scottish Brewing Archive, document numbers WY/6/1/2/76, WY/6/1/2/77, WY/6/1/2/78, WY/6/1/2/7 and WY/6/1/2/81.



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