Tuesday, 20 October 2020

No more Thursday beers

Last week the Dutch government announced all bars and restaurants would have to close, as of 10 PM Wednesday night. For at least two weeks. Or is it four now?

Doubly annoying, as Thursday night for going out. Over the last couple of months we've got into  the habit of going to Butcher's Tears on a Thursday evening. Me and my mates Will and Lucas. Plus, lately, Andrew most of the time.

 There's lots of space and no-one passing by. Dead easy to keep reasonably distanced. And they have the sort of beers we want to drink. It's all very relaxing. Lucas brings along some vinyl so there's always decent music. Usually a mix of dub and thrashy guitar stuff. As that's what barman Hubert likes.

It was a handy way of keeping up a bit of social contact amongst all the weirdness. I'll miss my Thursday beers - usually a couple of pints of Mild then a couple of Double Stouts. But I'll just have to suck it up. An inconvenience for me, but potential ruin for many businesses.

With the number of cases still growing in Holland, I can't see bars reopening anytime soon.

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StuartP said...

It is complete arse.
Over here in England we had 3 weeks of restrictions to keep the health service from being overwhelmed. Seven months later... we still have restrictions.