Saturday 4 July 2020

Who will be the first?

To buy my latest book. So far the sales number just one. The proof copy I bought.

Bit irritating after after paying Alexei 20 euros to perform his cover magic. That's the kids in a really cool bar in Kyoto. In those far-off days when intercontinental travel was normal.

It's the follow up to my other poor seller "Can we go home now?" Of which I've sold almost five copies.

Some of my finest writing, I'd say. "More of your pathetic made-up crap, Dad.", the kids told me.

Be the first to buy a copy.

There may be a prize for the first purchaser.


Kathryn said...

Error 404 page not found Ron, check the link.

Yann said...

Can't seem to get the link to work somehow...

Ron Pattinson said...

No wonder I hadn't sold any copies. I had the book set to private access on Lulu. Should be open now.