Monday, 13 April 2020

Random shit

Hi there. Still transitioning from one PC to another. So a limited service is available.

Time for some random shit from the nespaper archives.

First, robbing draymen.
"AN extensive system of robbery by draymen, has been the subject of an investigation before the magistrates at the West Bromwich Police-court. Eight draymen — in the employ of Messrs. Mitchell and Co., the Crown Brewery, Cape Hill, Smethwiek — have been charged with stealing a number of barrels of ale, and several beerhouse-keepers have also been charged with receiving the stolen goods. It appeared that as far back as twelve months ago this systematic robbery commenced at the brewery by connivance amongst certain of the draymen. It scarcely seems credible that such a series of robberies could be carried on for long without detection; but in this case those whose duty it was to check deliveries seem to have been lamentably negligent. The case is not yet concluded, but one or two of the defondants have already pleaded guilty to the charge."
Holmes' Brewing Trade Gazette - Friday 01 February 1884, page 7.
Wonder how they got away with it for so long? Beerhouse means something specific here, I think. It means pubs with a beer-only licence.

Now the fear of Lager flooding the UK and corrupting young working men:
"We have given up referring to the ridiculous statements which are made by speakers at the Anti- Beer Adulteration meetings now being held in different parts of Kent, but there was one lately made by the chairman of a meeting at Wingham which requires notice. The speaker, alluding to the danger to the brewing interests of this country from foreign competition, said: "That day in London, and no doubt in every other large town in the country, there were houses selling lager beer, and the young men and working men flocked to those houses where they could get it, because they said it was a pure article, and did not have the injurious effects upon them that the other beer did." Now it is ,just as well to give the exact figures to show the extent of this competition. In 1882, 17,423 barrels of foreign beer were imported into this country; as the consumption of British-brewed beer in the same year was 27,371,173 barrels, it appears that for every glass of foreign beer consumed in this country there were no less than 1,588 glasses of home brewed beer consumed; so that, in spite of "young men and working men flocking to drink lager," foreign competition cannot have very seriously affected the brewing interests of this country."
Holmes' Brewing Trade Gazette - Friday 01 February 1884, page 7
 Those 17,423 barrels were most likely 100% Lager. The UK didn't import anything else. It was fuck all compared to overall consumption, mind.


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