Sunday 5 April 2020


I've been dead lazy since returning form a slightly harrowing trip to Thailand the week before last.

"You're crazy." Is what Dolores said when I told her of my Brazil and Thailand schedule. With just 48 hours between my return from the first and departure for the second. That was months ago, long before all the pandemic shit.

In retrospect, she was right on many levels. Mostly, that I was constantly tired in Thailand and struggled to rise before noon. Just as well it was a simple drinking holiday. And breakfast wasn't included.

For the first time in yonks - other than when travelling - I've written almsot nothing in the last 11 days. Which is very unlike me. Every day is my usual rhythm. But I was due some rest. So I've been a lazy sod.

I started gearing up again today. Wrote a couple of recipes for the new book. Did some research. And, like a miner rediscovering a seam of gold, noticed I've some unprocessed Barclay Perkins records. Ones I photographed a full ten years ago.

 Notice how many beers they made? I make it 22. Including 12 cask beers. That's not even including the Lagers.

Back in the swing. It's taken a while, but I feel the beetter for it.


John Clarke said...

Good to have you back Ron.

Edd The Brew said...

Hi Ron ,
A Truly Mind Boggling ammount from the chaps @ Park St there !!! .
I know other brewers were producing similar product ranges ; but at group breweries ;
Viz, Peter Walker & Sons from foundation : Everton 1836-46 Records Missing ,
Pemberton`s Old Brewery , Warrington 1846- Ca 1903 Missing , Other Warrington breweries of Walker`s apart from Dallam Lane ( 1875-6 XP Brews Bk) ,1891-1965/6 (Some gaps ) and
ALL OF ANY Burton on Trent Peter / A.B Walker`s Brewing Records ( At least 3-4 Breweries) .
Same for my other favourite Family of brewers : The Bentley`s of Yorkshire , No others apart from the 1892-6 Brewing recs @ WYJAS Morley .
Best to Dolores , and thanks again for the help & records pics ,