Tuesday 12 November 2019

The Situation in England

I couldnn't resist posting this as it gives me cahance to call temperance twats, er, twats, again.

This is really typical of the shit they got up to in the late 19th century, the miserable bastards,

"The Situation in England.
LONDON, july 6th, 1897.
The festivities connected with the jubilee of the Queen have entirely dwarfed and overshadowed everything else, and accordingly my budget of news this month is reduced to rather slender proportions. Although this great national event is somewhat outside my province, there is one feature of it, and that not an over-pleasant one, which may be suitably mentioned in your columns. On such big occasions charity is seldom absent, and everybody rejoiced to hear some weeks ago that a movement was on foot to give the poor of London a substantial jubilee feast. Money literally poured in for this deserving object, and one noted trader prevented the necessity of further contributions by putting down a check for the handsome sum of £25,000. Thus far everything went well, and the poverty-stricken denizens of the London slums looked forward to a sumptuous repast, where good English beef and honest English beer would play a leading part. But when the feast came off, it was noticed that the beef was there, but the beer was not. For some reason or other those narrow-minded "spoilsports," the teetotallers, were allowed to have the predominant voice, and the result was that no intoxicating liquor was allowed to be served at the feast which, had been wholly subscribed by public charity. This wretched bigotry has caused a good deal of irritation and disgust, and these feelings were intensified when it became known that several eminent firms of brewers had offered to send a supply of beer free. I have detailed this incident to show that the narrow-minded, sour visaged American prohibitionists have their counterparts on this side of the water."
American Brewers Review Volume 11, Issue 1, 1897, page 8.

Something similar often happened when the more compassionate workhouse guardians wanted to give the poor a pint of beer with their Christmas dinner. A killjoy temperance twat would veto the idea. They'd begrudge the unfortunate inmates even a single pint.

I've no problem with someone being teeetotal. That's a personal choice. But it really pisses me off when one tries to stop everyone else drinking. The utter, utter twats.

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Its the same with Vegans