Monday, 26 August 2019

Lazy day

I 'm in a negative arsing situation. Can't bother my bottom to write up more of my Asian hols with the kids.

Instead, just an image of some radom receipts. And some other shit.

Included in there is the bill for the most expensive meal I've ever paid for. Not had, I've had more expensive ones that were someomne else's shout.

Here's the most expensive spam I've ever seen:

 I never tire of hi-tech Japanese toilets:

And who doesn't like an aircraft carrier?

 Or lots of pretty lights?

More night-time ptrettiness, this time from Seoul:

Food and soju:

Interestingly-sized loaves:

Finally my favourite pub of the trip:


InSearchOfKnowledge said...

Having worked for a multi-national company in Belgium, the Japanese are not the only ones that need to explain how to use a modern flush toilet.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how Spam became so popular in places in Asia which saw large numbers of the US military, such as Japan, Korea and the Phillipines. It's a more recent version of salt cod in a lot of ways.

A Brew Rat said...

The Chinese visitors to Yellowstone National Park are notorious for shatting on top of the lid on a outhouse toilet.