Thursday 30 May 2019

Winding down

My latest US trip is about done. Been as cool as ten cool sticks.

And I've been out in the sticks:

Though it's actually been as hot as fucking hell down here in the South. Fortunately, it being the US, I've rarely needed to stray far from air conditioning. Just as well, seeing my propensity to melt when the temperature gets above 20 C. I say melt, I really mean sweat like a pig on a spit in Arizona.

Met lots of really good people. Some I already knew, some new. Beer really does bring people together. In a good way.

My mate Mike at Zebulon made more of my dreams come true. A full set of Warwick & Richardson draught beers from 1910 and eight old Porter recipes. That bastard spoils me rotten. And he arranges a room of people for me to shout about beer at.

I got to rant about Scottish beer yesterday here in Raleigh for another of my chums, Stuart. The cask-strength bourbon got me right in the mood.

As I said earlier, it's all been as cool as ten cool sticks. Other than the weather.

Such a shame that I won't be back this side of the Atlantic soon. Not until the NHC next month in Providence.

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