Thursday 2 May 2019

Sweet home after Chicago

Just back from my latest jaunt. Or, as Dolores describes it, "that stupidly short trip".

Not stupidly short. Inadvisably brief, would be how I'd describe it. I got back five hours ago and I'm still capable of typing. Up yours, Dolores. I'm totally whatsit. Lucy . . lucifer ... match . . football . . . jumper . . . July . . . Jules ... Juicy ... Lucy ... lucid. That's it. I'm totally 100% lucid.

Time marches on. Not really. Creeps, dashes, crawls, runs, sprints and then gets on a fucking maglev train.

I need to catch up with the shit telly I missed in those four nights away. Here are some pictures


Stan Hieronymus said...

I know just where those yellow tanks are.

Ron Pattinson said...


they are quite distinctive, aren't they?