Wednesday 5 December 2018

There's still time

to buy some of my books. Though you'd best hurry if you want to have them by Christmas.

I've been a busy boy this year, with three new books:

First my seasonal treat of photos of brewing records. Obviously not a treat for someone not interested in brewing records.And refreshingly free of words. Other than the index. What a lazy git I am. Buy the book.

Next is my history of UK brewing in WW I. With all my usual fun stuff: words, numbers and a stupid number of homebrew recipes.

 Buy this wonderful book.

The other history book covers British brewing after WW II. Possibly the greyest period in Britain's history. I'm selling this well, aren't I? Loads of homebrew recipes in this one, too.

Let's Brew! is sort of an expansion pack for my Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer. Including stuff - like North American and Lager recipes - that there wasn't room for in the original book.

So much crap has been written about Scottish beer, I just had to write the definitive history of Scottish beer over the last 150 years. All new material, other than some of the recipes, of which there are almost 400. 

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