Sunday, 14 January 2018


The fate of East German breweries after reunification was pretty random. Some famous names disappeared almost without trace. Some continued on much as before. Then there's Hasseröder. Whose sales have boomed.

Not that they're independent. They're part of AB Inbev. But they're way bigger that they were before. I can't remember seeing their beer in the good old days. And I did spend a fair amount of time in Saxony, where the brewery is located.

The branding after reunification is surprisingly similar to the old labels.

Still feeling shit, hence the post full of pretty labels.


kaiserhog said...

My two favorite German imports come from the former DDR. Radeberger (which Putin's favorite when he was Dresden KGB Chief) and Kostritzer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you should post about Hasseröder today, now that ABInbev seem to sell the whole thing...

Cheers, Sebastian

Anonymous said...

Wernigerode is actually in Sachsen-Anhalt. The most unloved of the German states. Oh sorry that is actually Saxony. Or Bavaria. Probably Bavaria.

Hasseröder is ok, but is the sort of beer you can happily drink chilled after buying 20 bottles for about 9 euros - it is always on special offer.

But simple easy drinking it sure is.