Friday, 30 December 2016

End of year round up

Everyone does these things. So what the hell. I need to get a couple of posts in before the end of the year. I don't what this year to be a record low.

What have I rounded up for the end of the year? A couple of bottles of port for a start. We forgot to drink them at Christmas. Too busy with that infernal jigsaw. Which we did eventually finish. Some of the pieces are pure white with a single black line. Here's proof we did finish it*:

See how near-blank some pieces are?

The hours of frustration it cost. But, on the upside, we were so distracted from ever other human activity - including eating and drinking - that we've loads of booze left over. Enough to make it a very merry New Year indeed. As I told the kids, you need to finish off all the drink before the New Year. It will all go off the minute the clock strikes midnight. As least that's how my Mum explained everyone drinking like crazy on New Year's Eve to me. So it must be true.

My treat bottle of Westvleteren 12 is sitting safely behind me. Though the minikeg of Adnam's Christmas Ale is almost done. Dolores likes it, as I expected she would. She's a big fan of British beer, especially in cask. How simpler that makes my life. As does her love of curry.

The kids have barely touched their Christmas rum, three-year-old Havana Club**.

Sherry, Amstel Bock, Limoncello. More stuff I've rounded up for the end of the year. There must be a cocktail in there. No Adnams any more, though. Dolores has just served herself the last two-thirds of a pint. She deserves it.

That's enough rounding up to last me until next year. I've rounded up well enough for a good time before all the booze turns bad. As it does on the turn of the year.

* The jigsaw is safely framed and hanging on our living room wall. In the vague possibility that you were interested.

** Alexei says that he hasn't finished his birthday Zubrovka yet. Though he's drinking it as I type. Bastard. He hasn't offered me any.

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Alan said...

Happy New Year, Ron. I am off through the snows on a 300 mile drive to be with the T-total in laws. Pray for me. To the gods of your choice.