Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stockholm next week

I'll be at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival next week. No Borefts for me this year. I can put my imperial pint pot back into sotrage for another year.

I'll probably have some free time on Friday 25th September. Any sugegstions as to what I might do?


storunner13 said...

It looks like Akkurat was closed last time you were in Stockholm? You definitely need to go there. You can probably get a 20 year vertical of St. Bernardus Abt--but you may have to cut off your arm to pay for it.

JennyPf said...

Also nearby Akkurat in Södermalm is Omnipollo's Hatt, the pizza parlor-taproom outpost of, well, Omnipollo.

The Spritmuseum also still has its Swedish beer exhibit going on—there's a beer garden there, too.

Gunnar H said...

Akkurat is of course mandatory, and conveniently located when you come back to town from the festival venue. Also the Bishops Arms at the western end of Hornsgatan - the only Bishops that is free of pubco tie. In the northern section of town, the Man in the Moon is excellent.

Tandleman said...

Spend your spare day weeping at the cost of everything would be one practical suggestion.

MT said...

Right up the hill from Akkurat on Sodermalm is Soldaten Svejk, which is the best Czech pub you'll find outside of the Czech Republic. Unpasteurized Bernard on tap and a range of damn tasty, artery clogging Czech food.

Also in the same neighborhood is Kvarnen, which will provide a classic Swedish beer hall experience should you desire (see also Pelikan).