Friday, 11 September 2015

It's Friday night

Yay. No more work. For two days.

Lots of stuff to do, but no inclination other than to pour another Abt. Did I mention there's lots going on in my life?

It's my own fault I have too many ideas. In the shower. On the tram. Ticking away at my keyboard. Two book ideas this evening. One that might even tempt a publisher.

There's a manual I should be reading*. But I'm listening to Steely Dan instead. Only a fool would say that. Seems appropriate.

I've spent the week drinking - and sometimes throwing  - away the beer that clutters the floor around me. I need to clear space*. And to minimise the percentage of my income that goes to Ton Overmars. I have no choice. "Where are you going to put that thing? You'll have to get rid of other stuff."

As always, Dolores has a point.

It's been fairly painless so far. Drank some stuff that needed drinking. Slung some never right or past its best. Found a couple of gems I won't be drinking in a while. The Rochefort 10 with a sell by date of 06 10 1998. It originally had five mates. The pair I drank after 10 years sent my socks into orbit.

There's a very dusty Wesvleteren 12 with the date rubbed off. Could one of the ones Filip gave me for a bit of beer menu rewriting. That would be around 10 years old. Or could be a remnant from the crate I got at Bierkoning more than 20 years ago.

Meant to say this earlier. Despite what I've been telling everyone all year, I won't be at Borefts. I'll be doing some judging at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. Dolores thinks I'm crazy. Nothing new there. Again, she may have a point. There's a 10-hour judging session. Let's hope I don't get non-alcoholic Lagers again. I contemplated drowning myself in the toilets that time. Only the prospect of free chips for lunch saved me.

Just had to pour another Abt to celebrate my fleeting freedom from wage slavery. Where was I?

Friday night, relaxing. Ideas. For me they turn too readily into obsessions. With the access I have to material, even a vague interest can result in thousands of hours - what does Dolores say ? - "doing that useless beer shit".

She has a point. There's fuck all money in it.

But the almost-rans of fifties merger mania. That's worth 1% of my remaining time on earth, isn't it?

* Why will become clear soon. 

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