Sunday, 26 April 2015

San Francisco in June

Continuing my jetset lifestyle, I'll be in San Francisco 5th - 9th June.

Obviously, the main point is to sell my book. Drink some beer and talk endlessly about beer play a part, too.

Any suggestions about what I should do and see while in the city gratefully accepted. And if you fancy setting up an event where I do my talking bollocks thing, get in touch.

I'm almost ready to reveal exactly why I'll be in California. Probably the most exciting event of 2015.

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Eric Branchaud said...

If the Brewing Network are recording any shows while you're out there way, you should try to hook up with them. I'd love to hear you as a guest on the Session.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the BN. Anchor for beautiful copper, and Magnolia for a good pint and people watching.

Anonymous said...

HA! That would*be entertaining. Throwdown with JZ, maybe? All the crap he spouts...

I would love to hear you on the BN, good audio and pretty professional, even if the hosts can't be arsed to know anything about the topic.

Gary Gillman said...

Magnolia, yes, also Toronado (both a short distance on the same street in Haight-Ashbury), but foremost Tommy's Joynt on Geary at Van Ness for its history and unique atmosphere and food. Draft Anchor Steam and often the Porter are regulars, ditto draft Sierra Nevada. It was built in the early 1950's at a time when the Germanic bar style (cuckoo clocks and beer steins on the walls) was popular but has morphed into something purely American since then.

In a different part of town, the Old Ship Saloon is a favourite:

It is built on the remains of an 1800's salvaged wooden ship. Its Anchor Steam IMO is the best in the city, as is its BLT. It gets a local crowd vs. the tourist flow and is a typical good quality SF bar vs. the numerous beer bars (which are always excellent too but in a different way).

And yes, don't miss the Anchor tour on Potrero Hill. Ask them they still pasteurize. :)


Dan Klingman said...

Forget the BN but Anchor would be a perfect venue for a talk, with all the old equipment and paraphernalia. And great beer to boot.

Gary Gillman said...

I meant, ask them why they still pasteurize. :)

Tommy's Joynt!:

One time I was there with Libby and she ordered at the food bar, roast turkey with stuffing. The counterman said, "Stuffing?". She looked at him quizzically and then he brightened and said, "you mean filling!".

The next time we went, a few years later, she said, "roast turkey with filling please". The counter-man looked quizzically at her, hesitated, and then said, "ah, you mean stuffing".

True story Ron. And I will always go back to Tommy's for that reason alone but fortunately there are many others to justify the same.


P.S. Since you are a "schnapps" drinker, you would be remiss to miss the Buena Vista on the waterfront facing the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Famed for its Irish coffee served (or seemingly) morning and night. Have three or you haven't tasted them. The lore is they were introduced to America at this bar in the 1950's.