Monday, 3 February 2014

One night in Manchester

Just back from a flying visit to Manchester. Where I got to do my favourite thing: listen to the sound of my own voice.

Beermoth, a Manchester beer shop, invited me over to natter on aimlessly about Brettanomyces in British beer*. It seemed to go down pretty well. As did the Boddie's Mild, brewed by Jay of Quantum Brewing in Stockport**.

The question-and-answer session after I'd finished my bullshitting was particularly fascinating. Some very good question, not just limited to Brettanomyces. It probably would have lasted even longer idf I hadn't been in urgent need of a wee. I blame all that Mild I'd been slurping down.

It was mentioned that they've begun growing small amounts of Chevalier barley again. Someone got some seeds from a seed bank. It would be great if it made a comeback on a commercial scale.

There was a good showing of brewers and they'd brought along their own bretted beers to try. Very heartening to see that Brettanomyces is returning to British beer. It was such an important component of 19th-century brewing. My thanks to those who brought along very interesting and tasty beers. it was a real pleasure to try them.

Walking back to my hotel through Manchester city centre at 23:00 was an odd experience. A bit like those car-crash TV programmes about binge drinking, but without the vomit and violence. The photo above is the view from my hotel room. I forgot to take any snaps at Beermoth. Too busy yakking.

If you'd like to hear me talk for 60 to 90 minutes (the length depends on what pops into my head along the way) about Brettanomyces in in British beer, get in touch. It's a cracking little lecture, even if I do say so myself. This is what I cover:


Ageing Beer:
Primary and Secondary Fermentation
Pure yeast problems
Different ageing period for different styles
British styles using Brettanomyces

19th century
Courage Russian Stout
Harvey’s Imperial Stout

Old or Stock Ale:
Mild Ale and Stock Ale
19th century
20th century
Greene King Strong Suffolk
Colne Spring Ale

Pale Ale:
Stock Pale Ale
Bass Pale Ale
20th century

Providing me with unlimited Mild is not compulsory, but is appreciated.

* I was paid for giving the talk. And given as much 1987 Boddington's Mild as I could drink. If you've seen me drink Mild when it's hitting the spot, you'll know how much that could be.

** "It's the wrong colour." I said to Jay. "It should be darker, coloured up with caramel" "But the recipe doesn't have any caramel." I just checked, and he's right. Though it is mentioned in the text. Whatever the colour, the beer was lovely.

70 Tib Street,
M4 1LG.

Quantum Brewing
Unit 4, Victoria Works,
Hempshaw Lane,
Stockport SK1 4LG.


Jay Krause said...

Very glad you enjoyed the beer - I think I may have found my mild limit that evening. Around 20 glasses.

Thanks for an excellent night, it was fascinating. Now get back to the mild quality posts!

Hammy48 said...

Hi Ron, interested in receiving this talk, how is best to get in touch regarding availability and cost? You got an email? Can't find it on here.


Ron Pattinson said...


you can find my email address on my website:

You just need to click on the link here:

Questions ? Suggestions? E-mail me (Ron Pattinson).

Ron Pattinson said...


not sure how many I had as I kept refilling my glass, sometimes when it wasn't empty and never completely to the topped. It must have been at least half a doizen pints. But that's the joy of Mild -you can drink loads without the legs failing.

StringersBeer said...

it does so. "Caramel to add: 23 SRM".

Unknown said...

Hi Ron,
I was wondering if you would be giving any talks about this topic when come to the states for your book tour? That is aside from the actual book signings.

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm blind.

Ron Pattinson said...


my schedule is already packed. The only formal talk I plan giving is in Colonial Williamsburg. Though I will talk - you try stopping me once I've got properly started - at all the events.

And answer questions. That's often the best part.

I just don't have the time.

But if there were enough lunatics willing to pay to hear me chunter on about Brettanomyces, I could be dragged across the Atlantic.

Jay Krause said...

So it does. Oops.

karmseveer said...


Can't believe I missed your talk, hopefully you can be convinced to come back to Manchester again soon. I know Jay would have done a good job on the mild.

was the mild just for the talk? Pretty sure I used to drink it back in '87 or thereabouts when at uni (Mostly drank mild back then). Got Ron/Kristen's courage 1923 stout to bottle tomorrow (my first historic recipe, even made caramel)


Jay Krause said...

Hey Mark. The mild was for the talk, but we made a full batch of it. It'll be knocking around Chorlton next week I imagine.


karmseveer said...

Cheers Jay, I'll lookout for it