Thursday, 27 February 2014

Grand Rapids here I come (part two)

I've not even started my first US trip and I'm already working out a schedule for the next one.

In case you'd forgotten, I'm speaking at the AHA national conference in June. As it seems a waste to fly across the Atlantic just for that, I'm planning events in Toronto and Chicago as well. This is my first draught:

Sat 7th Toronto
Sun 8th Toronto
Mon 9th Chicago
Tue 10th Chicago
Wed 11th Grand Rapids
Thur 12th Grand Rapids
Fri 13th Grand Rapids
Sat 14th Grand Rapids
Sun 15th Toronto
Mon 16th fly home

It will give those of you living in the middle of North America a chance to hear me drone on about historic beers and watch me drink some of them. That's certainly my idea of fun. Not sure it's anyone else's.


Alan said...


Neil Spake said...

Hello Ron,
I'll be there in Grand Rapids. It will be awesome to finally meet you in person!
Neil Spake

Anonymous said...

Where in Chicago will you be speaking?

Ron Pattinson said...


not definite yet.