Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mild! and Bitter still 15% off

As you bastards haven't been buying enough of my books, I've decided to discount a couple of themJust to remind you that you've only got a few days left to buy paperback versions Mild! and Bitter! You've only got until the end of November. Unless I forget to take the discount off. That has happened before.

I would have written some new words to coax you into forking out cash. But I'm knackered and about to eat my te.

Mild! plus is my Mega Book about Stout. Only joking. It's the most extensive book ever written about Mild Ale. Then again, there is only one other book on the topic. That's been my tactics - picking subjects no-one else has been arsed to cover.

There's a mind-numbing array of information: statistics, historical accounts, recipes and crappy jokes.

Buy Mild! now!

Bitter! covers Pale Ales of every description, including, but not limited to, PA, AK, IPA, XLK, AAK and AKA. A veritable alphabet soup of a book.

Of course, everyone and his dog has written - mostly bollocks - about IPA. But who has ever bothered with AK (other than to incorrectly call it a type of Light Mild)?

I would think of soemthing witty too say at this point. But there's a St. Bernardus Abt with my name on it. And I've a raging thirst.

Buy Bitter! now.

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