Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Customer service

I've been reading the Northern Snippet blog and wondering if I've ever been one of the annoying type of customer described.

Quite possibly the picky type. Purely when it comes to beer, I'd point out. I'll shovel any old food down as long as it's fried. Or meat. Or some form of potato.

These two entries in  "10 of the most annoying and frequently fielded questions" had both me and Andrew chuckling:

3. 'I have a dairy intolerance what can I have?'
    Protracted conversation .....followed by:
'Excuse me you've forgotten to bring some butter for my bread..'

6.'Is there another menu?'
    What?You mean a secret one that we don't bother to show anyone because we don't want to sell anything on it?
Good stuff.

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Rob said...

In the US, many Chinese restaurants have a Chinese language only menu available upon request (and assuming you know to request it). It includes dishes that arent on the English language menu.

So the secret menu one isnt entirely illegitimate.