Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Electronic version of Scotland!

Due to popular demand (one person asking, who then turned out not to be able to use this format) I've created the first electronic edition of Soctland!

It's wrapped in (virtually, of course) my new, improved cover. Yes, I know, Lexie hates it. I don't care. I'm the publisher and I'll do what the hell I want. As all publishers do.

My additude could explain why I remain self-published. That and the hugely uncommercial nature of my writings. I'll never challenge Roger Protz let alone J.K. Rowling in sales.

I've worked most of my way down the illustration to the right. A sign for me to start saying my goodbyes. But before I go, there's one last thing I need to tell you. . . .

Buy digital Scotland! now! Before I come to my senses.


Neil Spake said...

Actually did just before your post.

Jeff Alworth said...

A handsome cover indeed.

Anonymous said...

Question: I notice that Scotland is still a topic you're researching. Should you update your electronic version after I buy this one, must I purchase the updated one also? (You hold much power with the answer to this question, so be careful now.)