Friday, 5 August 2011

Irish Breweries in 1920

Not quite ready with my second set of delicious numbers about Irish breweries. To help you through this difficult waiting period, here's another table. Not numbers this time, I'm afraid. A table of words.

Here you go:

Irish Breweries in 1920
Name location date founded
Guinness Dublin 1759
Beamish and Crawford, The Cork Brewery Cork 1751
Thomas R. Caffrey, The Mountain Brewery Belfast about 1900
Castlebellingham and Drogheda Brewery Co., Ltd. Castlebellingham early 18th C
Castlebellingham and Drogheda Brewery Co., Ltd. Drogheda 1825
Cherry Bros., Creywell Brewery New Ross 1830
John D'Arcy and Sons Ltd, The Anchor Brewery Dublin 1740
Davis Strangman and Co, Ltd. Waterford late 18th C
Deasy and Co., Ltd. Clonakilty about 1800
W.J. Downes and Co., Ltd Enniskillin
P. and H. Egan, Ltd. Tullamore 1852
The Great Northern Brewery Co., Ltd. Dundalk 1897
Patrick Kiely and Sons, St. Stephen's Brewery Waterford about 1800
George H. Lett, Mill Park Brewery Enniscorthy 1810
Macardle, Moore and Co., Ltd. Dundalk late 18th C
McConnell's Brewery, Ltd. Belfast about 1900
The Mountjoy Brewery Co., Ltd. Dublin 1852
Thomas Murphy and Co., Ltd. Clonmel 1798
James J. Murphy and Co., Ltd., Lady's Well Brewery Cork 1856
Robert Perry and Son, Ltd. Rathdowney about 1800
E. Smithwick and Sons, Ltd., The St. Francis Abbey Brewery Kilkenny 1710
The St. James' Street Brewery Kilkenny 1702
Watkins, Jameson, Pim and Co., Ltd. Dublin 1736
Wickham and Co. Wexford about 1800
Modern Irish Trade and Industry by Riordan, Edward J. and O'Brien, George Augustine Thomas, 1920. ISBN: 9781120007209, pages 159 - 160.

See how there were only four breweries left in Dublin. Compare that with the situation in 1850:

Dublin breweries in 1850
Name address town county
Elizabeth Alley, Sons and Co. 57, 58 and 59 Townsend street Dublin Dublin
Brennan and Price Watling Street Dublin Dublin
William Collins 24 James's street Dublin Dublin
John D'Arcy and Co. 8 Usher street Dublin Dublin
John Fitzpatrick Usher street Dublin Dublin
A. Guinness Sons and Co. 83 James's gate Dublin Dublin
Jameson, Pim and Co. 28 Anne street north Dublin Dublin
Manders and Powell 113 James's street Dublin Dublin
George O'Brien 11 Brabazon row Dublin Dublin
Thomas O'Neill 111 Cork street Dublin Dublin
John Plunket 15 & 16 portland street west Dublin Dublin
John Purser 21 Mercer street Dublin Dublin
Richard Read 21 Ardee street Dublin Dublin
Thomas F. Read 21 Ardee street Dublin Dublin
Patrick & J. Sweetman 23 & 24 Francis street Dublin Dublin
Andrew Thunder 14, 15, 16 & 17 Church street, new Dublin Dublin
F. White 2 Hanover street, east Dublin Dublin
James G. Wilson 22 Brown street, south Dublin Dublin
R. and J. Watkins 10,11 & 22 Ardee street Dublin Dublin
William Cunningham 6 Church street, new Dublin Dublin
James Moran 15 Cumberland street, south Dublin Dublin
R. and J. Watkins Bray Wicklow
Joseph Kiernan Skerries Dublin
"Thom's directory of Ireland 1850", 1850, pages 1045, 

See? Then there were 21 breweries in Dublin city and another one in the county.


The Beer Nut said...

Pedantry time!

You have four Dublin breweries listed for 1920. Or is Guinness's so big as to be invisible?

Also, while Bray is closer to central Dublin than Skerries, it's in Wicklow rather than Co. Dublin.

Ron Pattinson said...

Beer Nut, simple maths has let me down again.

I'm not great on Irish counties. My son Andrew stopped in Bray on a recent school trip to Dublin. Could be why I assumed it was in county Dublin.

Thanks for the corrections.

The Beer Nut said...

Easy mistake to make. Bray uses Dublin area phone codes and is served by Dublin's suburban trains and buses. But you don't tell Bray people they're basically Dubs.

Anonymous said...

I've found a bottle in the garden which has on it Paatrick Keily and sons Ltd waterford Brewers. It appears to be old, it's green and made in a mould I would think.