Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More War!

Just realised I forgot to mention something. To do with War. (Not war.)

I'm a tinkerer. Poor anorexic books of a hundred-odd pages evoke my pity. I'm compelled to feed them, to fatten them up a bit. Which is exactly what I've been doing with "War!". Fattening it up.

Checking my personal copy, I see that the original edition of "War!" had 141 pages. It now has 351. What's new? 55 recipes, for a start. 90 extra pages on WW II. An index. Loads of groovy stuff.

My original plan has gone astray. The Mini Books Series was meant to consist of slim volumes. Like so often in my life, I didn't know when to stop. They're turning into bricks.

At just €15.71, "War!" is great value. Why not get yourself two copies?

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