Monday, 14 December 2009

Whitbread Porter & Stout 1901 - 1912

Because Gary Gilman asked, here are the details of Whitbread's Edwardian Porters and Stouts. The ones I gave production figures for a couple of days ago.

That's it. A very short post.


Gary Gillman said...

Thanks much Ron.

In addition to the comments I just made to the original post, I would ask if country stout and porter are the same beer.

Also, overall the gravities seem down from the later 1800's. Where are the big Imperial and Russian stout levels at 9-12% ABV...?

What replaced them in the public affection.. whisky perhaps?


Ron Pattinson said...


I've picked an example of SSS with poor attenuation. That was usually a good bit higher in ABV.

Gravities were down. No, people weren't drinking more spirits. They preferred weaker beer.

Mark Oliver said...

Should the units for malt quantities be read as pounds? Bushels?

Ron Pattinson said...

Mark, it's quarters.

Oblivious said...

"Mark, it's quarters."

Ron would it be possible to have the values as a % of the grist?