Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Another book announcement. Except the book isn't mine. Not this time. It's Andrew's.

"WW II Tanks" (I did suggest Tanks!, but it's his book.) A companion volume to "War!" in some ways. I've that bit about the mobile brewery in Burma. Those brave, but thirsty Tommies, must have encountered the shitty Japanese tanks Andrew describes.

Barclay Perkins sent beer to restore the troops on the beaches of Normandy. Men soon to be confronted by the mighty Tiger and Panther tanks. Andrew's book will tell you just how scary in was for the poor bastards staring down the barrel of an 88 millimetre gun in a tank with cardboard for armour.

I could think up more tenuous connections. But I won't insult your intelligence. If you want a pocket guide to the tanks of WW II, buy this book.


A crappy Japanese tank:
A British tank with cardboard armour:

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