Sunday, 24 May 2009

No time to argue

You may have noticed a lack of foaming rage on my part in recent weeks. No, I haven't mellowed. I just haven't time to argue.

Most people would be happy struggling to finish one book. I'm working simultaneously on four. Crazy? Pretty obviously it is. But that won't stop me. June's Mini Book is ready to send to the publisher and I've another secret project that's as good as done. Just the cover to go. Yes, this Spring is a busy time at Kilderkin. (That's my publishing arm. I had considered a publishing leg, too, but settled on just an arm.)

All of which has kept me away from those fermenters of anger and argument called beer forums. No bad thing then, being busy.


First Stater said...

But we count on you to pluck out platitudes and defend them righteously. If not you then who?

First Stater said...

An anonymous coward. Hope it's not Kristen.

Brendan said...

Beer forums are like American talk radio: sound bites for the semi-literate. Your blog is scholarly goodness, and your research is all top notch. Keep up the good work, and keep away from the morons. They don't know shit from shinola, let alone what an original source is and why that is better than a secondary source.

Laurent Mousson said...

Well put, Brendan. Could'nt agree more. Original sources are a concept beyond the understanding of far too many people out there, but they are what makes Ron's research, along the likes of Martyn Cornell's (aka Zythophile, q.v. his excellent blog), a major contribution to building a decent, reliable, articulate history of beer and brewing.