Friday, 29 May 2009

Amsterdam Pub Guide - new edition

Just in time for the city's summer season rush, I've released an updated version of my Amsterdam Pub Guide. The second-best book about Amsterdam's pubs ever written. (In case you're wondering, number one is "Amsterdamse Kroegen Encyclopedie". That covers all 1,200-odd of the city's pubs, but is ten years out of date.)

The Amsterdam Pub Guide is invaluable for anyone visiting the city. Unless they don't like beer. Though there is the stuff about architecture. And public transport. There are maps, too.

Eighty-two pubs and three beer shops are covered. Address, opening times, beers sold, nearest public transport - everything you need to know to plan your perfect Amsterdam pub crawl is included. As an extra bonus, there are features on the breweries of Amsterdam, past and present.

If you're purchasing just one guide to Amsterdam pubs this year, it has to be this one. Available both as a pdf and in printed form.

Buy the Amsterdam Pub Guide now!

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