Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Lommi's, Cologne

It was a sad day when Lommi's closed on the retirement of the landlord on 28th December 2004. If only because I'd never visited this legendary pub, despite being warned it was likely to close soon. Hans Lommerzheim had been running for more than 50 years. He had to be past retirement age. It's on the west bank of the Rhine. That's my main excuse for never making it there. And my fear of bridges. I won't go into it further here. Why did I choose to live in Amsterdam?

In March 2008, Lommi's reopened. I'm so pleased: I will be able to experience this cult boozer after all. According to this report in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, new owner Rudolf Päffgen has tried to leave everything as it was. Judging by the photo, bomb damage was patched up just after the war. Let's hope they replaced all the window panes. I'm a big fan of genuine age in a building, but broken windows never look good. Just asking for an arsonist to come calling.

I'm assuming that's a Päffgen from the brewing family who's taken over the pub. Päffgen Kölsch was what they served, so it would seem logical. But maybe it's the rival branch that runs Pfaffen. (I'm a great journalist. aren't I? Either way, there'll be good beer.

Gaststätte Lommerzheim
Siegesstr. 18,
50679 Köln (Deutz).

I have a pub guide to Cologne that, even if I say so myself, is quite good. I've just updated the entry for Lommi's.

(The rather nice photograph was taken by Laurent Mousson. As I said, I've never been there.)


Anonymous said...

That building looks like something from Universal Studios European village set, as used in Frankenstein. I like the look of it, good beer or otherwise. Thanks for the update, Ron.

Andy Holmes said...

Mental note, must go to Köln, but something keeps drawing me back to Bamberg, Doh!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't look like it always served koelsch though, what with the dortmunder aktien bier lettering at the very top

Ron Pattinson said...

That's one of the things I love about the exterior - it has ancient adverts for a beer the pub hasn't sold for ages. Along with it just saying "Gaststätte" (pub) without any name.

Anonymous said...

Rudolph Paeffgen is indeed also the owner of the brewery in the Friesenstrasse.