Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Berliner Weissbier - the long version (part 5)

I wasn't joking when I remarked this was an endurance test. Both for you and for me. Here's more about the fermentation of Weissber from "Die Herstellung Obergähriger Biere" by Schönfeld, published in 1902.

Schönfeld's own research has shown:
  1. Lactobacillus develops better under CO2 than under air
  2. The best temperature for the development of lactobacillus is 24 - 30º C.
  3. Over 30º C, lactobacillus growth drops off sharply.
  4. 30º C is the optimum temperature.
  5. Below 22º C, lactobacillus growth is dimished, but still better than at 33º C. Over 40º C there is virtually no growth, at 2º C there is still some.
  6. Low levels of alcohol (1-5% ABV) not only don't impede the development of lactobacillus, they seem to encourage it.
  7. Levels of alcohol above 8% ABV have a negative effect on lactobacillus.
  8. The lactobacillus in Berliner Weissbier is not the same as the lactobacillus used in distilleries. The latter has an optimum temperature of 45 - 50º C.

There are some handy facts about lactobacillus. I'm sure your mates down the pub will fascinated when you relate them. I expect to be dining out for decades on that lot of data.


Terry said...

Will there be a quiz at the end of this?

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