Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Where the most exciting beer is brewed

Where is the most exciting beer in the world brewed?
Well, the results of my quiz are now in. It's official: the most exciting beer in the world is brewed in Germany. No surprise there.

Let's see how many of you got the answer right:

Germany 30%
Canada 22%
Argentina 12%
Switzerland 9%
Wales 9%
New Zealand 6%
Lithuania 6%
Austria 2%

Only 30% correct answers - not very good really, is it? You must try harder next time. What were the other 70% of you thinking?

But I now have the proof I need. Next time someone goes on about The Country With The Most Exciting Brewing Scene In The Universe I'll be able to argue with numbers to back me up. Thank you.

Where is the most exciting beer in the world brewed? (North American version)
The results were much closer for the North American version of the question. I was heartened to see that my favourite, USB, was a narrow winner ahead of The United States of America.

USB 37%
The United States of America 32%
America 14%
USA 11%
The States 4%

What this tells us, I'm not sure exactly . Something. You tell me. I'm fed up with having to provide all the answers. It's making my head hurt. I'm leaving this one to you.

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