Saturday 4 May 2024

Let's Brew - 1970 Youngs Ordinary Bitter (PA)

One step up from Light Ale was one of Young’s biggest sellers: Pale Ale or Ordinary Bitter as it was called down the pub.

A surprise about Young’s 1970s records, is that there’s quite a bit single-gyle brewing. Much more than at Fullers, where just about everything was parti-gyled. Which is a longwinded way of saying that this wasn’t parti-gyled with the Light Ale I've already posted. Though it was parti-gyled with Special.

There’s just pale malt, though three different lots, from two different maltsters. (Four, actually, as there’s some enzymic malt.) Accompanied by quite a bit of flaked maize and a little bit of No. 1 invert sugar. As well as malt extract, which I assume was in liquid form.

Two types of English hops were used. With no indication of variety. Or age. It’s one of the few areas where the logs are weak. Though it does mention that 25% weren’t added to the copper, but to the hop back. Hence the zero minute addition.

1970 Youngs Ordinary Bitter (PA)
pale malt 6.50 lb 79.56%
flaked maize 1.00 lb 12.24%
malt extract 0.33 lb 4.04%
No. 1 invert sugar 0.33 lb 4.04%
caramel 1000 SRM 0.01 lb 0.12%
Fuggles 120 min 1.25 oz
Goldings 0 min 0.50 oz
OG 1037
FG 1007
ABV 3.97
Apparent attenuation 81.08%
IBU 20.5
Mash at 148º F
Sparge at 170º F
Boil time 120 minutes
pitching temp 63º F
Yeast WLP002 English Ale




Chris Pickles said...

What was it about Youngs?

Looking at that recipe it looks nothing special. The attenuation is decent. The IUB is nothing special, even VB (Victoria Bitter) clocked in at 25 last time I looked.

Back in the 1970's Youngs Bitter was the big ticket item in the 'Boston on Beer' column in the Guardian. I had friends in London, so on a visit, by special request, we went to the big Young's pub on the main road at Greenford. Youngs beer was a new experience for me, different from other London beers - you didn't get the horrible sweetness you got with Watneys for instance. But it did take me a while to get a firm hold on the flavour. After that though I was a Youngs fan. I always preferred the ordinary to the special.

Incidentally we arrived before the pub was open so we had a quick one in a nearby Ind Coope pub. I'm quite sure that I had a Long Life on draught (keg presumably). Something I never saw before or since.

Northern England Brewer said...

With these kinds of ale the yeast plays a significant part. And they didn't use WLP002.