Thursday 11 January 2024

Ireland here I come

The nice people at the Guinness archive are letting me drop by. And, while I'm over, I may as well do as much harvesting as I can.

Like the Perry stuff at the Laois County Library. Filling in a few, of the gaps, in my knowledge of Irish brewing. Filling more in would be great.

I've been asked about writing a book om Irish brewing. Maybe I will, if I can scrape together enough information.

I know they have some brewing records in the Cork archives. But I'm damned if I can find them in their online catalogue. If you can help a poor oldie person to find the relevant documents, do let me know.

Probably in April I'll be over. Any other archive suggestions are very welcome. 

Can I add that I'm a bit obsessed with Cairnes. No idea why. These things just take me.

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Anonymous said...

Cairnes like Perry’s, Lett’s and Cherry’s are interesting breweries.