Tuesday 14 February 2023

Whitbread Stout grists 1812 - 1854

Excel has learnt me good and proper. There's a limit to how big I can make these charts. 

It's quite easy to split up Stout. Because there was quite a long gap where they didn't brew a domestic Single Stout, just an export version.

Here's a nice stacked bar chart. I'm so good to you.

What's different about this chart? That it includes every year. Not just every five years. Well, other than 1813 and 1814, for which I don't have a photo of a Stout record.

The ups and downs of brown malt are well represented. Including the period in the 1820s when Whitbread dropped it.  The reintroduced it and saw, in the 1840s and 1850s, stabilising at around 20% of the grist.

The gradual rise of of black malt is also clear. Increasing from less than 1% of the grist to just over 4%.