Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1878 Adnams IA

This is the real oddity of Adnams beer range. Why an oddity? Because it was never brewed single-gyle, unlike most of their beers. But it wasn’t always with the same beer. It was produced in combination with XXXK, XXXX and Tally Ho.

What does IA stand for? My guess is “Intermediate Ale”. Not that it really tells us that much. Then again, what does X really stand for? At just 1044º, it’s considerably weaker than any London-brewed Mild.

The grist is much the same as all their other beers: base malt and sugar. You can’t get much simpler than that.

As IA was always parti-gyled with strong beers, the hopping rate per quarter was higher than for XX Ale. 12 lbs per quarter (336 lbs) of malt, opposed to 8.5 lbs. Which is reflected in a slightly higher bitterness level, despite being quite a bit weaker.

1878 Adnams IA
mild malt 5.50 lb 66.67%
No. 2 invert sugar 2.75 lb 33.33%
Goldings 105 mins 2.50 oz
Goldings 30 mins 2.50 oz
OG 1044
FG 1012
ABV 4.23
Apparent attenuation 72.73%
IBU 66
SRM 10
Mash at 154º F
Sparge at 172º F
Boil time 105 minutes
pitching temp 64º F
Yeast WLP025 Southwold


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