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Heineken (Rotterdam) beers in 1941

Just about as soon as 1941 kicked off, the strength of Heineken’s beers was reduced again. Initially, by just adding more water. They must have got bored with that method of brewing, because in the summer they just started brewing the beers to the lower gravities and didn’t bother with the watering.

Though the beers were a rather watery lot. Even the two strongest, Pils and Beiersch, were only just over 3% ABV.  While the weak ones weren’t even 2.5% ABV. Not really intoxicating at all.

They can’t have had any trouble getting hold of hops, as the hopping rate, at least in terms of hops per 100 kg of malt, increased. In the case of Pils, from 1.33 kg to 1.5 kg. Though, because the beers were now so watery, the rate per hectolitre did fall.

Unsurprisingly, given the reduced amount of malt being used, the colours are all a little paler.

Heineken (Rotterdam) beers in 1941
Date Beer Style OG Plato FG Plato ABV App. Atten-uation kg hops/ 100 kg hops kg/hl colour
17th Jul Pils Pils 5.47 1.63 2.00 70.56% 1.92 0.13 3
16th Jul Donker Lagerbier Donker Lagerbier 6.44 1.85 2.40 71.74% 1.20 0.10 14
17th Jul Licht Lagerbier Licht Lagerbier 6.44 1.85 2.40 71.74% 1.60 0.13 4
15th Jul Pils Pils 8.46 2.41 3.20 72.24% 1.50 0.16 4
16th Jul Beiersche Münchener 8.46 2.41 3.20 72.24% 1.22 0.13 14
Heineken brewing record held at the Amsterdamse Stadsarchief, document number 834 - 1760.

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