Monday, 16 March 2020

Tetley's hops in 1946

We finish this little look at Tetley's beers just after WW II with a glance at their hops.

I was going to say that I hope you've been enjoying this little series. But that would be a lie. I really couldn't give a fuck. This is all stuff I'm having to churn through for my next book. I may as well stretch some blog posts out of it.

Especially as when you read this I'll be on a plane to Thailand. Just a couple of days after returning from Brazil. Since I won't have much chance to post for a couple of weeks, and I insist on posting every single day, I've had to schedule a shitload of posts. I'm currently 17 days ahead.

Anyeway, back to the fascinating topic of Tetley's hop usage in Austerity Year Zero.

Surprisingly little has changed with the hops Tetley used. Other than that there are even fewer of them than in 1939. The types of hops – well, the regions from which they came, as there’s no mention of a specific variety – remain the same: English hops from Kent and Worcester.

Just as in 1939, there are three different ages of hops. In this case from 1943, 1944 and 1945. While in 1939, it was 1936, 1937 and 1938. In both cases, the Worcester hops were the oldest.

“PF”, judging by the quantity. Is some sort of hop extract or concentrate. Large quantities of which were imported in the final war years.

Tetley's hops in 1946
Beer Style OG hop 1 hop 2 hop 3 hop 4
LM Mild  1030.5 Kent 1944 Kent 1945 Worcester 1943 PF
M Mild  1033.8 Kent 1944 Kent 1945 Worcester 1943
LB Pale Ale 1029.9 Kent 1944 Kent 1945 Worcester 1943
B Pale Ale 1042.1 Kent 1944 Kent 1945 Worcester 1943
Tetley brewing record held at the West Yorkshire Archive Services, document number WYL756/ACC3349/565.


InSearchOfKnowledge said...

Will you really be on a plane to Thailand? ;-)

InSearchOfKnowledge said...

Oh, and the table is Tetley grists in 1946, not its hops.

Ron Pattinson said...


I've already checked in fpr Bangkok.

I've changed the table to the correct one.