Saturday 9 February 2019

Birthday recipe

My amazing offer still stands. For a mere 25 euros, you can have a bespoke homebrew recipe for a beer originally brewed on your birthday. Or any other date that might be significant to you.

Just click the new button on the left with the label "Birthday recipe".

I'll supply you not only with a unique, bespoke recipe, but also a few hundred words of text describing the beer and an image of the original brewing record. All for just 25 euros.

Let me know any style or era preferences you have, as I've a wide range of options for any date. Though if you were born in January, July or October, you'll have a wider choice, as I've photographed more records for those months. Don't ask me why.

It'll make the perfect birthday or Christmas present for the brewer you love. And for just 25 euros. Bargain.

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