Friday 23 November 2018

Make your birthday special

By brewing a beer originally made on that date.

For a mere 25 euros, I'll create a bespoke recipe for any day of the year you like. As well as the recipe, there's a few hundred words of text describing the beer and its historical context and an image of the original brewing record.

All you have to do is click the new button on the left labelled "Birthday recipe"

I can offer recipes for a wide variety of styles an ers. Just let me know any preferences you have. Though, ultimately, this is limited slightly by what I happen to have photgraphed for any date. If your birthday is in July, October or January, you're likely to have a wider choice, as I've photographed more records from those months. Don't ask me why.

It'll make the perfect birthday or Christmas present for the brewer you love. And for just 25 euros. Bargain.

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