Thursday, 2 November 2017

Chile Expo day three

Another day of no judging, so I arise late again, at around 10. Too late for breakfast in the hotel.

I put on some bollocky local TV. Is that Kommissar Rex? What a weird series to show down here. I fill my head with fluff for an hour or two. Worried about getting through all the pisco I have left, I have a couple of shots of that. Don’t want to have to throw it down the sink come Sunday.

On the way to the expo, I pick up a cheese and ham enpanada at a little shop I spotted yesterday. I manage to understand when they ask me if I want it warmed up. I can't be arsed to wait, so I say "no". I need my breakfast. And I need it quickly.

Once at the Expo, I get myself a beer. The Mosaic IPA is all gone, unfortunately. So I get another IPA, which is also pretty good.

“Fill it to the top, please. It’ll save me having to come back so often.”

Lew Bryson is talking. He doesn't have slides. At first I think I've arrived when he's already started the Q&A. In fact his whole presentation has been in that format. As always, I’ve a beer in my hand. I listen so much better that way.

After he's finished, I feel like some lunch. Where to go?

When I arrive at Bao Bar, Averie and Jeff Stuffings are already there. How odd. Well, not really. Just for a change, I order a Pisco Peruano. And an ossobuco bao, which is ridiculously good value at $2,500. Funnily enough, the waiter remembers me.

One of the waiters speaks reasonably good English. I discover that he’s Czech and try what little remains of my Czech on him. He gives me a slightly odd, pitying look. I’m getting used to being looked at with pity. It comes with being an old bastard.

John Fahey joins us. Stan and John Roberts troll up. Then When Brad Kraus turn up, the waiters stick two tables together for us. Brad brews in Panama. Our table is starting to get crowded.

The afternoon and evening race by in a haze of pisco sours. And the occasional tapas.

I awake in my hotel bed. At least I'm undressed. But where's my watch? I’m going to have to guess when it’s time to get up.

Av. Manuel Montt 925,
Región Metropolitana.
Tel: +56 2 3267 4334

My trip was paid for by Copa Cervezas de América

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