Wednesday 8 March 2017

Buy my new book

In case you'd missed it, the best book ever written about Scottish beer is now available.

450 pages of relentless Scottish stuff. With a totally stupid number of recipes - more than 350 in all.

And just look at lovely cover image from Alexei. I thought it was so nice, I paid him €20 euros. Twice the usual rate. He spent it all on beer, so at least he didn't waste the money.

He did ask if it was a lion or a dragon. I understand his confusion. But everyone knows there are no lions in Scotland.

Been putting together my associated talk. Which will preview in Macclesfield 1st April. Trying to keep it to no more than an hour. It's a struggle. So much information.

If you're a home or professional brewer and you'd like to take part in my poorly-defined and chaotic Macbeth project to brew recipes from the book so I can get to drink them, get in touch. I'll send you a set of recipes, mostly influenced by the ones I'd like to drink myself, then come and bullshit about Scottish beer while drinking them. Assuming I can flog a few books, a win win for me.


InSearchOfKnowledge said...

Just like there are no lions in Flanders, either!

Matt said...

What's the event you're speaking at in Macclesfield, Ron?

Ron Pattinson said...

A vertical tasting of all William Younger 1847 Shilling Ales then a horizontal tasting of Thomas Usher 80/- & 100/- ales.

Event at 13:00:

Five Clouds
8 Market Pl,
Macclesfield SK10 1EX.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping to attend, the Macclesfield session, Ron.

I looked up the fiveclouds (sic) website but all their events are past.

Any idea as to how to get more details on tickets etc.? I guess you already have one.



Ron Pattinson said...


pretty sure it will go ahead as I said. No need for a ticket. It's quite low-key. The first run out of my Macbeth thing. Before the full-on Manc gig.

Matt said...

When's the Manc gig, Ron? Might save myself a trip out to the Cheshire sticks.

Benj65 said...

I'll see you at the Macclesfield do, Ron, booked my trains today. I have a mate who lives there anyways, so no drama if it changes a bit. Looking forward to seeing you again and of course, your Scotland presentation. Cheers. Benj65

Ron Pattinson said...


it's the next day. But you will need to buy a ticket for that.

Benj65 said...

After further research I see that the Macclesfield event is restricted by reason of space to members of the Macclesfield Homebrew Society only. So unless you are a member (who, to be fair, are actually brewing the beer)... No.

It turns out my mate Jon is a Fellow Traveller in the MHBS so I may be squeezed in, but maybe not. So I may or may not see you there Ron.

Hoping to at least say hi at the end.

Good Luck, if not, Ron.