Thursday, 14 May 2015

Asheville day two (part two)

This is what I feared. Not finished writing up one trip and I'm already back from another.

I missed some of the breweries yesterday. So I don’t linger too long in Wicked Weed. My next stop is over the other side of the hill that forms the centre of town.

Lexington Avenue Brewing is less industrial than most of the other breweries I’ve visited in town, with the exception of Wicked Weed. I take a seat at the bar, as usual. What to drink? Think I’ll try

Three Threads Porter
Beer myths seem a recurring theme today. Very dark brown, but not black. “English-style Brown Porter” it’s called. Strange, as that’s a non-existent style. Not roasty enough. And no brown malt in the grist, so not really an English Porter.

As I mentioned, it’s slicker than most of the other breweries. The brewing kit is behind glass at the rear rather than being up close and personal

At least the beer is cheap: $3.75 for a US pint of 5.1% Porter.

I get chatting to a young couple sitting next to me at the bar. They’re from New Hampshire but are looking to move to the South. Asheville, Nashville or Charlotte. Interesting choices. Asheville is a charming place set amongst wooded hills. But it would be too small for me. And too far from anywhere else. A hippy island in southern sea. As Mike told me yesterday: “You can’t swing a brewer without hitting a yoga teacher.”

Time for another beer

Hop Burst IPA
Quite nice. Bitter, orange-peely. You can tell I’m getting tired. The beer descriptions are getting curter.

Time for one final brewery before returning to Green Man for my talk. I have a bit of trouble finding One World Brewing, despite having  map of the town’s breweries. It’s down a short alley, through an unmarked door. Bit like a speakeasy.

Dolores wouldn’t be keen. She doesn’t like subterranean places. It does seem an odd spot for a brewery. I’m glad the fermenters are in a sealed room. Wouldn’t want to be killed by CO2.

Inner Thigh IPA 6.5% ABV
Pretty damn murky. Quite malty – I’ve have suspected malt extract if I couldn’t see a mash tun over against the wall. A small one, admittedly. I’ve seen home brew systems that were as large. Looks about 1 US barrel.

Some people come in that I recognise from earlier. I’m clearly not the only one on a brewery crawl.

Time to be getting to Green Man. But when I get outside it’s pissing it down with rain. And I’ve no coat with me. I have another beer, but it’s still pissing it down. No choice but to bite the bullet. I can’t miss my own talk. I try to take what cover I can, but still get pretty wet.

My shirt is pretty wet, so I’m given a Green Man hoody to wear.

There’s a decent crowd. I do my just saying what comes into my head thing for an hour or so. It’s a knowledgeable  audience and I get some decent questions. Always nice to wander off into uncharted territory. Stops me getting bored with telling the same stories over and again.

I don’t stay out late. I’ve an early start tomorrow. A very early start. I’m catching the shuttle bus to Charlotte at 6 AM.

Lexington Avenue Brewery
39 N Lexington Ave,
Asheville, NC 28801.
Tel: +1 828-252-0212

One World Brewing
10 Patton Ave,
Asheville, NC 28801.
Tel: +1 828-785-5580

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