Monday, 13 October 2014

Draught! competition winner

Just realised I forgot to announce the winner of my "Draught!" typography competition. Though you must have noticed which cover had won since I've posted the image.

Thanks for all the entries. All were better than I could manage and my lazy-arsed kids could be arsed to do. Though I can't scrub* Alexei too much as he created the cover image. Love his trademark blank faces.

Well done Victor [can't remember if I forgot or you didn't say what your surname is]  ! You've not only won a copy of my most useless book, you've won my second most useless book, too! Only joking. You've won the deluxe hardback edition.

Or "the pointlessly expensive version just for you" as Dolore calls it.

Victor, get in touch through the "Get in Touch" form at the top left of the blog.

I'll finish with a traditional:

buy my books!

* Alexei uses this word every sentence. It seems to mean "slag" so I've used it in that sense here. Fuck. Did I just explain what I wrote?  "Alexei, bring dad his revolver."

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