Sunday, 19 January 2014

Camden Brewery and world history

Weird things you find in the newspaper archive.  I netted this on one of my regular trawls.

I don't generally adhere to the idea of individuals determining history. But there are exceptions.

After reading this, I couldn't help thinking; "How would the world be now, had the crash been a little more serious?".

Car Collides With Brewer's Dray.
Windows Smashed; Wheel Broken.

Mr Winston Churchill had a narrow escape this morning in a motor accident. His car had just left the War Office, and was proceeding down Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square, when a brewer's dray belonging to the Camden Brewery Company collided with it.

The wheel of the car was broken off, and the window nearest to where Mr Churchill was sitting was smashed.

Mr Churchill, although considerably shaken, was able to continue his journey in another car."
Evening Telegraph - Wednesday 25 February 1920, page 1.

Churchill would have been remembered as a failure. And there'd have been no Special Brew.

"What happened to the driver?" Andrew just asked me. He could have been killed. They wouldn't have thought his fate worth reporting.


Paul Bailey said...

History is littered with "What ifs?"

Jeff Renner said...

Churchill was struck by a taxi in New York City in 1931 when he looked the wrong way when crossing the street. He was hospitalized for mor than two weeks.

Ed said...

He'd already sent in the Black and Tans by then so it's bad cess to him either way.