Sunday, 28 July 2013

Franconia day one (part two)

I realise that I forgot to tell you several important pieces of information about the Tegernsee pub. All, the important information, to be honest. Before we go any further, here they are:

Eden Hotel Wolff
Arnulfstrasse 4,
80335 Munich.
Phone: +49 (89) 55 11 5-0
Fax: +49 (89) 55 11 5-555

They must have only recentlly swapped to Tegernsee beer, as the photo on the website has the pub branded Hacker-Pschorr.

Where was I? In a pub drinking Tegernsee Helles, that's it. We don't stay long. Too damn hot. And this is just a short walk away:

What a difference trees make. It feels so much cooler now we've nestled ourselves under an enormous oak tree.

We entered a different way from the entrances I used the last couple of times. Never realised part of the garden was waiter service. We scuttle through that to the self-service section. I don't want to waste time waiting for a waiter. We only have two hours or so.

"Do you want a beer, Andrew?"

"Not if that's the smallest size they come in. " He says, pointing at one of these:

He has a point.

"Apfelschorle it is then."

There are those that accuse Augustiner beer of blandness. They're talking out of their arse. Subtlety and blandness aren't the same. That misunderstanding is behind the undervaluing of German beer by many geeks. It's not in their face enough. More fool them. Because they miss out on the joy of chomping great lumps out of a litre of Edelstoff. The perfect refreshment for a sweaty dad.

"This is just perfect, Andrew."

"I can see how much you're enjoying it from how little's left."

I used to think a litre was too much. I'm starting to change my mind.

"Time for another - do you want another of those apple thingies?

"I'm OK, dad. Get yourself another one, though."

I've brought him up well.

My meatballs are rather disappointing. Too salty, as is the potato salad.

"Probably not such a bad idea, eating more salt in weather like this, Andrew."

"You've always got an excuse for everything."

He's not far wrong, there. Back at the Bahnhof all bagged-up, I head for a kiosk.

"What do you want to buy dad? We've already eaten."

"Something to cool me down on the train." I buy the first impulse schnapps of the trip.

"That's not going to keep you cool, dad."

Arnulfstr.52, Ecke Zirkus-Krone-Str.
80335 München-Neuhausen.
Tel. 089 - 594393
Fax 089 - 5504415


Chris said...

Augustiner Helles is 48 on Ratebeer, which tells me quite a lot about that site.

Matt said...

I can't think of anywhere more idyllic to drink outside in the summer than the Augustinerkeller.

The first time I went, we walked from the station and through the main entrance and didn't realise there was a self-service section further down the hill.

I know what you mean about litres being the only decent measure to drink there. I ordered half a litre for my mate and the barman corrected me, saying that I meant "ein kleines Bier".

I don't know if it's the freshness, the atmosphere or a bit of both but the bottled Weißbier tastes superb there too.

Jeff Alworth said...

In my dreams of helles, it's always that Augustiner I'm drinking. You're enjoying them for all of us ...

Rob said...


48 overall...94 within the style.

On ratebeer (which I rarely visit), I find the 2nd number much more useful.

Rod said...

The pub in Arnulfstr. has been Tegernseee for at least a year, actually.
I find Tegernsee beer a bit bland and usually walk straight past this pub en route to the Augustinerkeller or the beer hall next to the Augustiner brewery (on the other side of the railway lines) in what used to be the stables.
Edelstoff sonst nichts!

Rod said...

Tegernsee have been moving in on Munich a bit lately - they've also opened a new beer hall on the Tal, almost opposite Schneider's Weisses Haus.

Ron Pattinson said...


there will be more about the one on Tal later.