Monday, 23 July 2012

Leeds suggestions

I'll be in Leeds next week for a few days. Anyone have any suggestions as to pubs I shouldn't miss?


Adrian Tierney-Jones said...

North Bar for a start

Beerprole said...

North Bar, Friends of Ham, Mr Foleys are currently the musts as far as the city centre is concerned.

You may also want to check out The Brewery Tap if you really want to try Leeds Brewery beers. The Cross Keys and Reliance are two of the best for food if you end up near them.

There are a few Nicholsons' pubs that are pretty good and have nice interiors: The Scarborough Taps (officially "Hotel" rather than Taps), The Adelphi, The Palace but the best is probably the Victoria Family & Commercial Hotel.

The Grove Holbeck is also a lively traditional pub, often with music in the back room.


Ghost Drinker said...

Arcadia under the Arndale center in Headingly.

Friends of Ham, newly opened next to the train station.

North as ATJ says..

Veritas behind the town hall building.

The Hop is an interesting Ossett pub under the dark arches.

The Cross Keys.

Mr Foleys.

And of course you could make the pilgrimage up to see us at Beer Ritz.. ;)

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

As well as those mentioned above, Whitelocks is worth a visit for the beautiful interior alone, but now its been taken over the beer selection is also pretty good.

Veritas is also a favoiurite (excellent food and beer) and right near The Victoria.