Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mystery package

There was a postal packet on my chair when I arrived home today. What's that, I thought.

"Must be one of those thousand-dollar books I've ordered from the States." I quipped to Dolores.

I carefully open the package, while ducking the darts from Dolores's eyes. "Encoulez-moi! C'est l'Oxford Companion to Beer!"*

Not sure of the hows and whys. But here it is:

I shouldn't need to explain this to regular viewers of my book piles, but I'm not "dissing" the book by storing it as pictured above.  Quite the opposite. I've removed the dust jacket in my sad, sad, sad, sad, sad way to make sure I don't damage it. I'll laminate it at the weekend.

A seductively beautiful book. And I have a book fetish.

Let's just leave it here downstairs.

* I often lapse into Franglais in times of great emotion. Understandable. It's my first language.


Korev said...

Will it adorn the smallest room in the house ?

Sid Boggle said...

'Seductively beautiful', and yet whispering lies in your ear. Aren't you worried about feeling dirty? ;-)

Ron Pattinson said...

Korev, it's too big to fit in there.

Ron Pattinson said...

Sid, I already felt dirty just sniffing the pages.

The Beer Wrangler said...

I think they're looking for you to blog about inaccuracies so they don't have to pay you for second edition contributions! - Clever lot those Oxford types....