Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My kind of festival

This weekend it's the ZBF. Belgium's national beer festival. And a favourite of mine. I go every year (just about).

Why do I like it?

- The venue is a short walk from the station.
- I can get a seat.
- It doesn't take too long to get served
- The measure is a decent size.
- The prices are reasonable
- There's the full spectrum of Belgian beer, regionals as well as micros.
- People quite often bring beer for me.
- Andrew likes the sausages.
- I can have a Stout - Lambic - Stout session.
- There are falling over beers for me to finish off with.
- I can score loads of free beers with all my memberships.
- I always meet old friends.
- The journey home isn't too long.
- A shop in Antwerp Centraal sells Guinness Special Export for that journey.

This year will be special. Both kids are coming along. Should provide loads of material of the glass-eating kind. My blog will eat off it for weeks. A bit like a buffalo carcass. But not as smelly. And definitely without maggots.

If you're there on Saturday afternoon, maybe you'll have the chance to buy me a beer. You wouldn't want Andrew and Lexie to go hungry, would you?


Des de Moor said...

See you there, Ron! Are you planning to go to the pre-event at Alvinne too?

Ron Pattinson said...

Des, no, I'm just going to Belgium for the day.

Steve said...

Hope you guys have a good day, cos I always like the entertaining blog entries afterwards. And it's even a family event... can't be bad. Enjoy.

Alan said...

Sounds like fun. On a different note I am the brewer at a brewpub in Colorado, USA. I stumbled upon your site a few months ago. I bought your Mild! book and it inspired me to start a "Revival Series" of beers at our pub. I really appreciate this site and your work. Here's a bit a local beer writer posted about our first release. Hopefully we got the facts right!


Matt said...

Does ZBF ever have English beer? It would be easy enough to get it there, especially from London/the South East. Obviously CAMRA festivals always have Belgian, German etc beers.

Ron Pattinson said...

Matt, it's Belgian-brewed beer only.